Our Mission

To use robotics to improve quality of life for all people, plants and animals.

Our prescribed burn planning UAV helps land managers reduce wildfire risk for their communities. Using our innovative adaptive exploration technology our UAVs go beyond following simple instructions and can make smart decisions about how to navigate unstructured environments, bringing autonomous robotics one step forward.

What We Do


Efficient exploration and mapping of cluttered forest environments through our proprietary, generalized decision-making algorithm.

Data Stewardship

Secure and equitable data management means sharing our ecological data with researchers for better understanding the environment, wildfire, and climate change.

Validation & Verification

Quantified UAV behavior modeling through rigorous testing for safety-critical operations.

Who We Are

Erin on a beach holding a drone

Erin M. Linebarger, PhD - LinkedIn

CEO and Co-Founder

Erin is a robotic decision-making algorithm design expert with a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Utah. She has six years of industry experience,is remote pilot certified and completed MIT's entrepreneurship training program.

Tyler with the NYC skyline

Tyler Lane - LinkedIn

CTO and Co-Founder

Tyler has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a decade of experience designing and implementing software solutions. They have also taught software engineering as a lead instructor for General Assembly's flagship SEI program.

Current & Past Projects


Producing wildfire risk models from autonomous subcanopy UAS surveys.


Funding to provide internship for rapid prototyping of our fire modeling UAS (thank you, Skylar Robert!)

NSF STTR Phase 1

Autonomous UAS to map and explore a forest in 3D in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University

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